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02 ago 2023

ESI Robotics Integrates INOV.AM Project to Create Additive Manufacturing Robotic Cell

A ESI Robotics Integra PRR INOV
A ESI Robotics Integra PRR INOV
A ESI Robotics Integra PRR INOV

ESI Robotics is part of the INOV.AM project - Innovation in Additive Manufacturing, from which it will receive funding of 626 thousand euros for the implementation of the most versatile large-scale automated additive manufacturing cell in Portugal. This project aims to create the cell with the highest workflow capacity, producing parts using recycled, recyclable and waste materials from other industries. 


The goal is to boost innovation and efficiency in industry, contribute to the country's economic growth and create sustainable products, as the new cell will allow the production of parts with recycled, recyclable and surplus materials from other industries, such as cork, olive cart, rice, etc.


It is a robotic cell applied to the additive manufacturing of parts on a large scale, with temperature and humidity control, to guarantee the production quality of the parts. This pioneering solution combines the advantages of additive manufacturing with robotic automation, integrating an industrial robot, control systems and state-of-the-art software to ensure a higher flow, continuous, precise and high-quality production.


"We strongly believe that innovation is a key factor for the economic growth of Portuguese industry. The INOV.AM project offers us the opportunity to demonstrate the practical advantages of additive manufacturing and advanced robotics. We are committed to boosting the competitiveness of Portuguese companies and contributing to the technological development, transformation and modernization of the country's industrial sector." 

Gil Sousa, ESI Robotics' cofounder


By using automation solutions, it is possible to optimize processes, increase productivity, reduce cycle time and minimize human errors. In addition, the cell easily adapts to different geometries and specific requirements, allowing for greater efficiency and customization in additive manufacturing. Inserted in the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP), which includes a total budget of 53.3 million euros, INOV.AM is a mobilizing project that aims to boost innovation in additive manufacturing in Portugal. Through partnerships between companies from different sectors of activity and institutions of the national scientific system, the project seeks to develop advanced solutions and promote the adoption of innovative technologies that boost competitiveness and industrial progress. 

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