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26 out 2023

Computer Vision and Robotics: A Successful Duo in Paper Bag Packaging

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In the latest project developed by ESI Roboticscomputer vision and robotics come together to automate the paper bag packaging process. The robotic cell we developed was designed to meet the client's specific needs. Curious to find out more about this innovative project? Just keep reading!


Industrial robots and computer vision systems have emerged as powerful tools for automating various production processes, significantly benefiting various industrial sectors.


Robotic Packaging Cell



The Robotic Packaging Cell handles paper bags and inserts them into cardboard boxes. The robot collects the bags from the bag-making machine and begins filling the boxes. When the box is complete, it is sent to the central conveyor.


One of the major challenges of this process was the handling of the paper bags, which is quite complex due to the nature of the material. The gripper developed by ESI Robotics was able to meet this challenge and handle the bags efficiently.



Automatic Quality Control


This cell integrates artificial vision and a NOK system, which allows completely automatic quality control of the bags. The artificial vision system that is part of the robotic cell can detect defects in the folds and the two handles of each paper bag. This makes it possible to manage the entire bag packaging process, ensuring quality automatically.



ESI Robotics has installed a NOK system that automatically rejects the bag when it receives a message from machine vision that the product does not comply.


The combination of artificial vision and robotics is shaping the future of the industry. The adoption of these technologies has enabled our client to be more efficient, competitive and sustainable.


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