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17 jan 2024

DIH 4 Global Automotive - Kick Off Event

DIH 4 Global Automotive - Evento Kick Off  0

We were at the Kick-Off event for the DIH 4 Global Automotive Project, organized by Mobinov. The event took place on January 16 at the CEiiA facilities in Matosinhos. ESI Robotics is part of the consortium for this project, which promises to be a significant milestone in the digital revolution in the automotive sector.



The DIH 4 Global Automotive project aims to help accelerate and support the digital transformation of the value chain, at the product and process level. Together with other companies, ESI Robotics will work on developing innovative concepts, products and components for the car of the future.


The event was marked by presentations from Jorge Rosa, President of Mobinov and Luís Guerreiro, President of IAPMEI. The event also featured contributions from Bruno Amaro, project manager at Mobinov, António Costa, consultant at the Portuguese National Cybersecurity Center, and Igor Matias, Coordinator of educational activities at IEEE Portugal. Cybersecurity and artificial intelligence in the automotive industry were some themes that marked the event.




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