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08 jan 2024

The 10 Major Trends for Industry in 2024

The 10 Major Trends for Industry in 2024 3
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This year has seen the emergence of new technologies that have innovatively changed the industrial scene. The world is constantly evolving and as we approach 2024, industry will continue to witness impactful transformations.

This article will explore the 10 major trends that will stand out in the industry in 2024!



 1 - Artificial Intelligence on the rise

Artificial intelligence will continue to be key in the industry to improve predictive maintenance. The emergence of increasingly advanced algorithms will make it possible to analyze large and complex volumes of data in real-time in a way never seen before. Its application will continue to grow and be a major driver of digital transformation in the industry.


2 - Automation and Advanced Robotics

Robotics will play a  transformative role in different sectors in 2024. Its application will go behind the industry, reaching sectors such as wealth and customer service. Robots will make processes more efficient and safer. 

Intelligent automation, driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, will be at the heart of industrial operations. Collaborative and industrial robots will continue to be used autonomously to perform repetitive and dangerous tasks, increasing efficiency and reducing risks for workers.


3 - Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will gain even more popularity as they become more accessible and available for different applications. Employee training will be revolutionized by these technologies. AR and VR make it possible to create virtual environments where employees can simulate complex tasks and interact with machines and equipment in a completely safe way.

In addition, the major impact of these technologies will be on industrial maintenance, facilitating rapid diagnoses, guidance for repairs and significantly reducing machine and equipment downtime.


4 - Big Data

In 2024, Big Data will be a key element in making strategic decisions and improving the performance of various sectors. Analyzing large and complex volumes of data will reveal patterns and trends that will drive company growth, putting them at the forefront of competition and innovation.


5 - IIoT

Connectivity between industrial devices, IIoT, will continue to grow as it has done in recent years. In a smart factory, all machines, sensors, and systems are connected and constantly generating data which, when analyzed correctly, can reveal valuable patterns and trends, optimize production processes, improve predictive maintenance and enable more efficient production management. The adoption of IIoT will be fundamental to the digital transformation of industries.



6 - Advanced Customization with Digital and Additive Manufacturing

3D printing and other forms of digital and additive manufacturing will be even more relevant next year. These technologies are capable of revolutionizing production, as they allow complex, large-scale parts to be produced faster, more efficiently, and with greater customization. This will not only reduce material waste but can also speed up production cycles.


7 - Increasingly sophisticated machine learning

Machine learning is the basis of modern AI and is constantly developing and evolving. The same will happen next year, which means that AI systems will be able to learn and adapt more quickly and efficiently to different processes, which will open up new possibilities for applications in a wide range of sectors.

Machine Learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that, through algorithms, gives computers the ability to identify patterns in massive data and make decisions with little human intervention.


8 - Cybersecurity

As the industry moves towards a more digitalized and connected era, cybersecurity emerges as a crucial trend for 2024. With the growing dependence on digital technologies, protection against threats becomes an absolute priority for companies looking to secure their networks of devices, ensuring they are resistant to attacks.


9 - Sustainable Industry

Alongside all these technologies, environmental awareness is growing. Industry will increasingly try to adopt sustainable practices. This includes adopting eco-efficient technologies, reducing waste and implementing circular economy models. All of these factors will be crucial not only for responding to environmental regulations, but also for meeting consumer expectations. 


10 - 5G in Industry

Finally, to enable the use of all these technologies, the use of 5G in industry will also be a trend in 2024. This will provide ultra-fast connectivity, enabling the implementation of more efficient communication systems and improving communication between machines.



Next year promises to be a year of revolutionary technological advances, coupled with a growing awareness of environmental issues. Adopting smart factories will be a reality, providing different industrial sectors with more ways to innovate and increase productivity. 


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