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Innovation is part of our DNA Innovation is the key to success  We aim to bring cutting-edge technology to our customers, with customized solutions that improve efficiency and increase competitiveness.
R&D Seal
R&D SealRecognition of Suitability in the practice of R&D activities by ANIWe were distinguished by the ANI (Portuguese National Innovation Agency) with the R&D seal, which represents the recognition of our suitability to practice R&D (Research and Development) activities, in the following technical-scientific domains and areas of activity: Production Technologies and Product Industries; Development and efficiency of Production Systems. Since ESI was created that we've been providing R&D services to companies from a wide range of industries. This distinction values our ability to create innovative and unique solutions for our clients. This award allows our fees to be eligible for applications to the Entrepreneurial Research and Development Tax Incentives System.
  • Recognition of our ability to create innovative solutions 
  • Possibility of applications to the System of Tax Incentives in Research and Business Development
  • Distinction by innovation competences
.Innovation that breeds productivity 
Where creativity meets functionality   

The solutions we present are both creative and original ideas and ideas that work and solve problems.