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CNC Machining Line for Aluminum Parts

Industrial automation solution for serial production of aluminum parts

Besides the handling and feeding processes of the CNC machines, the parts washing, and quality control processes (tightness test/dimensional control) are also managed automatically. Due to the magnitude of the construction area (with an extension of approximately 68 hectares), the project required the installation of 3 site facilities with an area of 10 000 m2 each.


Malleco Wind Farm 6
Malleco Wind Farm 7
Malleco Wind Farm 8
Malleco Wind Farm 9
What have we done

- CNC parts handling

- Feeding the CNC machines

- Parts Washing

- Quality Control (tightness tests/dimensional control)

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What we've done Series Production of Aluminum Parts  

- CNC parts handling

- Feeding the CNC machines

- Parts washing

- Quality control (leak test/dimensional control)

What we've done
Parts for the automotive industry Automated Quality Control   

When the parts have been washed, they are sent for drying and leak testing for quality control. Depending on the result, the parts are either transported by the robot to the OK parts output conveyor if they pass the leak test, or to the NOK parts output conveyor if they fail.

Parts for the automotive industry