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Digital Manufacturing Cell - Corkcrete Arch

Robotic manufacturing to produce elements for architecture and construction.

Applying digital workflow and innovative technologies for subtractive manufacturing.

From a production point of view, this project represented a complex challenge. Since it is not a single-material installation, as many robotic experiments are, the process had to coordinate the different physical tolerances resulting from the use of varied materials and manufacturing processes (i.e. robotic and manual). 


Robotic Processes:

- CNC milling 

- Tendam hot wire cutting

Arco 5
Arco 7
Arco 6
Arco 0
Arco 2
Arco 3
Arco 1
What have we done

- CNC parts handling

- Feeding the CNC machines

- Parts Washing

- Quality Control (tightness tests/dimensional control)

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