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Digital Manufacturing: Our Robotic Solutions

Our Robotic Digital Manufacturing Solutions

Digital manufacturing has revolutionized the way products are designed. This process allows physical objects to be created from a digital model. There are several types of digital manufacturing, each with its own characteristics and applications. The automation and robotization of this type of process plays a crucial role in optimizing production, improving the consistency and quality of products.


The solutions we develop involve different types of digital manufacturing:


- Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

- Subtractive Manufacturing (CNC)

- Fiber Deposition

- Hot Wire Cutting


Find out how we automate these processes!

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Additive Manufacturing Robotic Cell for Additive Manufacturing

One of the main focuses of this cell is large-format 3D printing. Among other advantages, the exploitation of this cell presents two clearly distinctive and disruptive opportunities:


  • The exploration of customized trajectories for material deposition, overcoming the limitations of traditional layer-on-layer printing processes on a horizontal base;


  • A radical increase in the volume of work, making it possible, for example, to print everything from small design objects to large components.
Additive Manufacturing
Subtractive Manufacturing CNC Robot - The magic of Subtractive Manufacturing

Subtractive manufacturing involves removing material from a raw part to create the desired shape. The use of industrial robots in CNC machining makes it possible to produce larger parts, with product standardization.

Subtractive Manufacturing
Fiber Placement Robotic Fiber Deposition Cell

We have developed a robotic digital manufacturing cell for INEGI, whose main function is to produce various components using fiber deposition.


The deposition of fibers, such as carbon fibers, glass or other materials, enables the production of lightweight, resistant and durable components, often used in the automotive, aerospace and aeronautics industries.

Fiber Placement
Hot Wire Cutting Hot Wire Cutting 

Hot wire cutting is a technique that has a wide range of applications in industry, from cutting composite materials to manufacturing customized parts. ESI has equipped an industrial robot with a hot wire tool to make precise, fluid cuts in varied materials, providing flexibility and efficiency in manufacturing operations.

Hot Wire Cutting