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26 jan 2023

ESI Is Officially Wyzo’s Sidebot Integrator!

ESI Is Officially Wyzo’s Sidebot Integrator! 2

Wyzo stands out as one of the most promising technologies when it comes to industrial automation, being the first high-speed pick & place technology, able of working alongside human beings. ESI traveled to Switzerland to carry out the integration training. Now, we are officially Wyzo Sidebot integrators, which means we can include it in future industrial solutions!

Therefore, we inform all our customers that we are entirely available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise in this area of industrial automation.


A performance dos robôs industriais e a versatilidade dos robôs colaborativos encontram-se no Sidebot da WYZO!



Wyzo Sidebot’s Technical specifications:

WYZO’s sidebot works at high speed, reaching maximum speed in the absence of humans. With integrated sensors, the sidebot slows down in the presence of people and stops automatically when it encounters someone. In this way, this technology combines security with the possibility of sharing a workspace.

Traditional pick-and-place robots are large and complex, which makes them difficult to transport and integrate into automated production lines. Wyzo’s sidebot, due to its small dimensions, can be installed in any production location, in addition to being easily moved.

When it comes to performance, this technology, with its advanced technology arm and an integrated artificial vision system, can identify and manipulate products at high speed. Wyzo’s software offers an intuitive interface that is easy to use and control.

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