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Multi-Process Automation

Automation for the Plastics Industry


The cell is composed of two robots that work simultaneously in the packaging and palletizing of three references of plastic pieces in boxes. The cell integrates artificial vision, in order to inspect the quality of the parts. The grippers of the robots have a double function: a gripper to pick up the pieces and suction cups to manipulate the interlayers and palletize the boxes.


- Pick & Place

- Machine Vision | Quality Control

- Automatic Packaging

- Automatic Palletizing

Automação de Multi-Processos 2
Automação de Multi-Processos 1
Automação de Multi-Processos 3
Automação de Multi-Processos 3
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Automation of different processes Optimized Production Line  

This cell allows for the handling, packaging and palletizing of various parts in boxes. The line is divided into two distinct zones, each with an injection machine and a robot. In this way, it is possible to produce simultaneously.

Automation of different processes
Artificial and Machine Vision Automatic Quality Control

Using the gripper, the robot takes the part to the machine vision cell, where quality control is carried out (visual inspection of whether the part is defective). If the part is defective (NOK), the vision cell informs the robot, which places it in the part rejection zone. When the parts are compliant, the robot places them in the boxes and starts packing.

Artificial and Machine Vision