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Robotic Additive Manufacturing - 3D Printing

Innovation in the Construction and Architecture Sector

The cell developed by ESI Robotics is dedicated to 3D printing with cementitious materials for the construction of building elements such as pillars, walls, beams, etc.


The robot is equipped with a continuous cement extrusion system with real-time data monitoring.

Universidade do Minho 1
Universidade do Minho 2
Universidade do Minho 3
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Innovation and Knowledge Partnership Robotics and 3D Printing  

The integration of the extrusion system makes it possible to be more economical in the use of material, to fine-tune the type of mixtures that are used, and to be able to use more sustainable composite materials. 


Innovation and Knowledge Partnership
Challenges in Construction and Architecture Digitalization and Automation in Construction  

The School of Architecture, Art and Design at the University of Minho has ESI Robotics as a partner in keeping up with the technological innovation that has taken place in the construction sector. 


Challenges in Construction and Architecture