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06 mar 2023

We Unveiled a Flight Simulator at Qualifica

Qualifica 4

From March 1 to 4 we were present at the Qualifica fair with a flight simulator that became a success among the visitors. State-of-the-art technology and the thrill of flying found expression at ESI's booth, captivating students to the opportunities for education and employment in technological areas.



This simulator consists of an industrial robot, specially programmed to accommodate the participant safely and comfortably, so that users can fully concentrate on the flying experience. The participant was wearing virtual reality headsets, which created a fully immersive and realistic environment, offering a complete view of the landscape and providing a vivid and unique experience.

The simulation we present is a 4D experience since besides the virtual reality headsets and the movements made by the robot, we also had air and water insufflation during the "trip", which increased the sensations and created a more realistic atmosphere.


We developed this simulator in partnership with AEP and IPCA. We counted on the technology developed by IPCA in the Electrical and Computer Engineering and Digital Game Development Engineering courses. They were responsible for the 3D digital simulation, while ESI developed all the hardware and programming of the robot. 

We also thank AMENO, who provided a misting fan that allowed the inflation of air and water, which made this trip more immersive and realistic. 

ESI at Qualifica:

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