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08 ago 2023

End-of-Line Automation: The Priority in Industry

Automação de Finais de Linha: A Prioridade na Indústria 7
Automação de Final de Linha: Porque é que a Paletização Deve Ser uma Prioridade? 3
Automação de Final de Linha: Porque é que a Paletização Deve Ser uma Prioridade? 4

Industrial automation continues to make significant advances, with end-of-line processes gaining attention for their potential to be automated. This process refers to the final stages of production, including packaging and palletizing. Automation in this process not only optimizes workflow but presents several advantages that can boost the efficiency, quality, and competitiveness of companies.

In this article, we will explore the concept of end-of-line, highlighting the main advantages of its automation and highlighting its potential with some solutions developed by ESI Robotics.


What are end-of-line processes?


Transporting and packing products, handling and sorting them in boxes, loading and unloading, quality control, labeling products, placing them on pallets are some examples of end-of-line processes that can be automated. These final steps have a direct impact on product quality and production line efficiency.



Advantages of Robotics at the End of Line

- Increased Productivity: Automation allows repetitive and time-consuming tasks to be performed quickly and accurately, increasing the speed of production;

- Improved Quality: Automated systems can perform quality control with high accuracy and consistency, reducing the chances of defects;

- Cost Reduction: Although the initial investment in automation can be significant, in the long term it will reduce costs due to reduced errors, waste and labor requirements;

- Production Flexibility: Automated systems are often designed to be easily reconfigured, allowing companies to quickly adapt their production lines;

- Workers Safety: Most end-of-line tasks are dangerous or monotonous, automation allows for improved worker safety;

- Data Analytics: Automation provides real-time data, allowing companies to monitor line performance and make decisions based on hard data.


ESI Robotics' Solutions 


Through production studies, which allow us to identify the processes involved and points for improvement, we develop solutions specific to the needs of each client. In the case of the final product preparation process, the goal is to streamline the assembly and packaging lines, resulting in cost reduction and increased productivity. ESI develops complete full-automatic packaging lines, implementing Industry 4.0 concepts. We also offer the market the most diverse isolated systems: pick&place, robotic palletizing cells, automatic cargo transport, Self-Guided Vehicle systems: AGV's, quality control, among others.


- Packaging Automatic Line

This production line automatically manages the following processes: transport, handling, palletizing and packaging.



- Robotized Solution for Cork Packaging

Innovative robotic system for the packaging of cork stoppers that can reduce the volume of transport by 30% by organizing the cork stoppers.



- Final Assembly Line

With the solution ESI developed, the following processes were automated: Part manipulations, Warehouse management, Assembly, Riveting, Quality control, Individual packaging, Coding, Grouping parts and Final packaging.





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